Tips for essay writing

Write Essays Online Tips for essay writing

Creating a longer written statement is the least liked homework in English. Writing English essays is actually quite difficult – it requires focusing, considering the whole and care for details. What to do to write English essays better and with more pleasure?

Find the idea

Before you start writing, think about what will be the main, your personal theme of the text. Try to come up with something extraordinary, interesting idea or form, appropriate to the type of speech. Example: when the theme of your essay is “What do you think about the death penalty?” Instead of thinking theoretically, take on the role of a murderer condemned to death, put his feelings and thoughts on paper. It is much easier to write a few simple sentences about some original, unusual situation than fan the general clich├ęs, whose style is usually more difficult and less transparent. Write about particulars, not ideas – it’s just easier. Do not be afraid that your idea will be considered stupid. Nobody will judge it – it’s important if you can write in a foreign language in writing. Remember, however, that this should be appropriate to the situation and form of expression.

Change perspective

Instead of asking yourself “How do you write it?”, Ask yourself “What do I want to write?”. Everyone probably remembers from school the torment of thinking about how to create an introduction and ending, which will be a repetition with other words of what we have already said. Come to it from a different side. Think about how briefly and accurately you would summarize the topic, talking about it with your friend. Use an anecdote, bon motu, quote. Look for comparisons, references to pop culture. Bet on the interesting, surprising content of English text and the simplest form.

Support technology

If you are typing on a computer, set the language of the check to English in the text editor. Thanks to this you will avoid many typos. Use online dictionaries that often give you useful phrases and phrases that enrich your English work (check). Watch out for translators, they can generate a lot of errors. Do not use them to translate entire sentences.

Make your text attractive

Try to avoid repetition of the same words, but without exaggeration – they are less glaring in English than in Polish. Too rare, however, we pay attention to the repetitions of syntactic constructs of entire sentences that are of great importance to the overall impression of the text. It is about placing a sequence of sentences next to each other, which are similarly constructed, eg they start from the same subject, followed by the judgment and the subsequent continuation of the sentence. She was … She said … She had … – if there were too many similar sentences in neighboring English, try to transform them. To catch them better, read the text out loud.

Check, check and check again

There is no text in which mistakes and faults can not be corrected. When you finish writing, check your English essay in terms of logical consistency, compatibility with the subject and form of expression, grammar and vocabulary as well as punctuation and typos. If you have the option, at the end ask another person to read your work. Respect someone else’s time – before you do this, first check yourself. After correction, verify the text again. Ready!